How to turn your Android or iPhone smartphone into a satellite phone

I find it just weird that there is cellphone coverage

Fox Studio’s New App Secretly Downloads Full HD Movies On Your Phone Without Charging For Data

Short Bytes: What if you’re bored and you find a

Apple To Kill Lightning Connector From Next iPhone For USB Type-C, Reports Suggest

Short Bytes: According to report by the Wall Street Journal,

Stuffed Toys manufacturer hacked; millions of accounts and voice messages stolen

An Australian security researcher Troy Hunt has identified a hidden

Stuffed toys database left personal data exposed, says security expert

Internet of Things database containing personal information was indexed by

Raspberry Pi Zero W — A Cheap Single Board Computer With Wi-Fi And Bluetooth

Short Bytes: On the occasion of the fifth birthday of Raspberry

Google’s E2EMail Encryption System Is Now Open Source

Short Bytes: Google has open sourced the code of its E2EMail encryption

13 Hilarious Nokia 3310 And Nokia 1100 Memes That Will Leave You Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Short Bytes: The Nokia 1100 and Nokia 3310 are one of

Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability Found in NextGEN Gallery WordPress Plugin

The vulnerability can lead to attackers grabbing data from website

Zorin OS 12.1 Point Release With Linux Kernel 4.8 Is Now Available For Download

Short Bytes: Zorin OS 12.1 point release has been announced

13 Most Interesting Questions/Answers From Bill Gates AMA

Short Bytes: Bill Gates, the chair of Bill and Melinda Gates

Web Cache Deception Attack

A few words about caching and reactions Websites often tend

The Necurs botnet is evolving, now includes a DDoS module

The Necurs botnet is evolving and recently the experts at

126 vBulletin forums hacked; 819,977 accounts leaked on hacking forums

vBulletin (vB) is an internet forum software widely used by

New Phishing Scam Targets Digital Payment and Online Banking Users

The cyber criminal community widely depends on phishing scams to

haveIbeenHarvested – Automated HaveIbeenPwned lookups using theharvester results

haveIbeenHarvested – Automated HaveIbeenPwned lookups using theharvester results  If you

Linux From Scratch 8.0 Released, Brings New Changes And Features

Short Bytes: The developers of Linux From Scratch are here

4 Cybersecurity Risks We willl Face With New WhatsApp Status Update

Following in the strides of Snapchat and Instagram,hike, Facebook-claimed WhatsApp

DNS attacks: How they try to direct you to fake pages

DNS servers are essential to the normal functioning of the

CryptoChat – P2P Encrypted chat

CryptoChat –  P2P Encrypted chat CryptoChat uses PeerJS to establish

Manjaro ARM Linux Distro Is Shutting Down, Lack Of Contributors Is The Reason

Short Bytes: Manjaro-ARM, the Arch Linux-based distribution for embedded devices,

Stolen EHR data is flooding criminal underground communities in the Deep Web

EHR data are precious commodities in the cyber criminal underground

How To Play Nokia Snake Game On Facebook Messenger?

Short Bytes: You don’t need to buy the new Nokia

Google Sends E2EMail Encrypted Email Code into Open Source

Google wants everyone to be able to easily encrypt data.

Fully Legal Torrent Site Mininova Is Shutting Down On April 4

Short Bytes: One of the first names in the torrent

Nokia 6, Nokia 5, And Nokia 3 Are Here | Pictures, Price, And Specifications

Short Bytes: At its launch event at MWC 2017, Nokia

ansvif – A Not So Very Intelligent Fuzzer

ansvif – A Not So Very Intelligent Fuzzer Marshall Whittaker

whoishere – WIFI Client Detection Identify people by assigning a name to a device performing a wireless probe request

whoishere – WIFI Client Detection Identify people by assigning a

Humorous Android ransomware force victim to speak unlock code

Android Malware which has admirable listening quality,  force victim to

New RaaS Portal Preparing to Spread Unlock26 Ransomware

A new b -as-a-Service (RaaS) portal named Dot-Ransomware is behind