Techie Wrote Exam At The US Airport Customs To Prove He Is A Software Engineer

Short Bytes: A software engineer Celestine Omin arrived at the

ExtraTorrent’s Main Domain Shut Down By Registrar [Updated]

Short Bytes:, the primary domain of popular torrent site

Security Researcher Breaks Google’s ReCaptcha v2 using Google’s Own Tool

Researcher Discover “A logic vulnerability” dubbed ReBreakCaptcha to bypassing Google’s

What Is A DNA computer? How Can It Beat The World’s Fastest Supercomputers?

Short Bytes: The concept of DNA computing was first introduced in

Li-Ion Battery Inventor Creates Breakthrough Solid-State Battery, Holds 3X Charge

Short Bytes: A new glass electrolyte-based solid-state battery has been

Hidden backdoor discovered in Chinese IoT devices

Researchers at Trustwave have uncovered a backdoor in IoT devices

Trolling Noobs Asking to Hack Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail etc

When I get noobs asking me to give them hacking

BlackArch Linux 2017-03-01 Hacking Distro Released With 50 New Tools And Kernel 4.9.11

Short Bytes: The developers of BlackArch ethical hacking distro have released

Why Do We Have QWERTY Keyboard, Not ABCDE? The Real Reason Will Surprise You

Short Bytes: The history of QWERTY keyboard we use on

Android Password Manager You Trust Could be Exposing Login Data

According to the latest findings from TeamSIK, a group of

New Nokia 3310 Is Useless In Many Countries, Here’s Why

Short Bytes: I know this is saddening to read but

Satangle – Script which helps the creation of antivirus evading malware

  Satangle is a script which can help with the

termineter – Smart Meter Security Testing Framework

termineter – Smart Meter Security Testing Framework ______ _ __

OverThruster – HID attack payload generator for Arduinos

OverThruster – HID attack payload generator for Arduinos OverThruster is

Online shops plundered by bank card-stealing malware after bungling backend Aptos hacked

We were silenced by the Feds!’. Shoppers of 40 online

Yahoo cookie hacks affected 32 million accounts, CEO forgoes bonus

Nation-sponsored attackers targeted 26 specific accounts. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer