Exploit Remote Windows PC with Eternalblue & Doublepulsar Exploit in Metasploit

Through this article we are sharing recent zero day exploit

Americans No.1 Ransomware Target & Most Likely To Pay Up

Symantec, an IT security and software company, has released the

braindead password generator – Generates targeted password lists against a specific person

braindead password generator – Generates targeted password lists against a

How a Woman’ Fitbit Fitness Tracker Helped Solve Her Murder Case

A man killed his wife and tried to have someone

Car Hackers Remotely Steal Keyless BMW within Seconds

As recently as April 4, a security camera recorded two


WikiLeaks released details on what it said is a Central

Expert discovered online data belonging to the trading firm AMP

Security expert Chris Vickery reported a data breach at online

Hacker Leaks “Orange Is the New Black” Season 5 Episodes After Netflix Extortion Attempt Fails

A hacker (or hacker group) known as The Dark Overlord

Embedded Backdoor with Image using FakeImageExploiter

In this article we are introducing a newly launched hacking

2 ways to use Msfvenom Payload with Netcat

In this article you will learn how we can connect

Open Ports Create Backdoors in Millions of Smartphones

Mobile applications that open ports on Android smartphones are opening

Nomx, the “most secure” email service, can be easily hacked, say researchers

I was recently invited to take part in some research

South Korean Bitcoin Exchange Yapizon Hacked; $5 Million Stolen

Yapizon, a South Korean Bitcoin exchange suffered a massive data

Facebook and Google linked to the $100 million phishing scheme

If you think that the internet is a safe place,

Kali Linux 2017.1 is arrived, more power for password-cracking with cloud GPUs

Kali Linux 2017.1 rolling release was announced, the popular distro

Several Cable Modem Models Affected by SNMP God Mode Flaw

A severe security flaw in the implementation of the SNMP

IoT Devices Will Now Have Their Own Private Network – CloudFlare Orbit

It’s common knowledge that Internet of Things (IoT) devices are

Running OSX relatively safe? New Malware strains targeting all versions of MacOSX clients

People regularly anticipate that in case you’re strolling OSX, you’re

OSX Malware is Catching Up, and it wants to Read Your HTTPS Traffic

People often assume that if you’re running OSX, you’re relatively

Russian Tor Relay Operator Facing Terrorism Charges

The Russian police have arrested Tor node operator Dmitry Bogatov.


‘We stand ready to work with the FCC, Congress and

Lawsuit: Fox News group hacked, surveilled, and stalked ex-host Andrea Tantaros

Lawsuit: After a sexual harassment claim, Fox News planted spyware

Learning to code using bad web tutorials may be the reason for most security vulnerabilities

The German cybersecurity researchers have found that many security vulnerabilities

8,400 New Malware Samples Target Android Users Every Single Day

The Cybercriminals are setting their eyes on new Android devices,

John McAfee Teases Photo Of His “World’s First Truly Private Smartphone”

Short Bytes: The CEO of MGT Captial Investments John Mcafee

Don’t Install Creators Update, It’s Buggy, Microsoft Warns Users

Short Bytes: Windows 10 Creators Update has started to land

Cracking APT28 traffic in a few seconds

Security experts from security firm Redsocks published an interesting report

Satya Nadella’s ‘One Line Career Advice’ Is The Truth You Were Searching For

Short Bytes: Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has definitely brought some serious

Backdoor Code Discovered in Popular Bitcoin Mining Equipment

An unknown security researcher has published details on a vulnerability

DoD’s Largest Bug Bounty Program “Hack the Air Force” Launched

The US department of Defence (DoD) has launched “Hack the