Feds accuse Chinese firm of stealing trade secrets of US tech giant

The US Justice Department has accused China to be involved

DNS enumeration

DNSENUM Dnsenum which is used to gather information about the

Find hidden subdomains with DNSMap

DNSMap: Dnsmap is a tool used to gather subdomains &

Google Makes It Mandatory For App Developers To Target Android 8.0+

Google is enforcing strict rules which will compel Android app

World’s First Flexible Smartphone – FlexPai Now A Reality

We have been hearing a lot about the introduction of

BLEEDINGBIT – Two Zero Day Vulnerabilities Affecting Wireless Access Point Bluetooth Chips

Wireless Access Points (WAPs) form the core of enterprise cyber

Lenovo Z5 Pro: Latest Budget Slider Phone With Almost Bezel-Less Display

Joining the yesteryears’ slider league (which includes the Xiaomi Mi

Outlaw Hacking Group Using Command Injection Flow To Attack Organizations Network using Botnet via C&C Server

Outlaw Hacking group uses command injection vulnerability in IoT devices

Elon Musk: Your Tesla Car Will Soon ‘Follow You Like A Pet’

Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla cars will soon

Systemd Vulnerability In Linux Could Trigger Remote Attacks And System Crashes

A researcher has discovered another security flaw affecting Linux systems.

TAP Review: The Utopian Keyboard That Needs More Polishing

Wow! How is that even possible” – This was my

How Indian Government’s Digital Authoritarianism Is Interfering With “Internet Freedom”

Global internet freedom has continued to deteriorate for the 8th

Personal Facebook Messages Of 81,000 Users Up For Sale

As per a BBC report, the hackers appear to have found

iOS 12.1 Flaw Allows Anyone To Access Your Contacts; Here’s A Fix

Apple recently released iOS 12.1 with features such as Group

Latest Hacking News Podcast #155

Two new zero-day exploits put millions of endpoints at risk,

Data theft at Radisson Hotel Group

The Radisson Hotel Group suffered a security breach that exposed

85 million voter records on sale

As the US midterm elections approaches, clandestine markets are full

Iran has become victim of a cyberattack campaign

An Iranian critical network was affected by a new, sophisticated

Trading with cryptocurrencies without losing self control

A guideline designed for the digital assets community to keep

Search for “Installing Chrome” on Bing can lead to malicious content

At this point, the process of installing the most used

Operating Systems can be Detected using Ping Command

Operating Systems can be detected using Ping Command, Ping is