6500 sites down after hackers wipe out database of dark web hosting firm

Daniel’s Hosting, one of the largest hosting service providers on

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TWOFI:- Twofi was written by Robin Wood at DigNinja. This

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DATASPLOIT:- Datasploit is a tool used in footprinting a target

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ENUM4LINUX:- Enum4linux is used to extract information from Windows and

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What is ONIOFF:- Onioff is a tool written in python.

Finds vulnerabilities in wordpress websites using WPSCAN

WPSCAN:- WPScan finds vulnerabilities in wordpress websites. This tool is

Tim Cook Says Google Is The Best Search Engine; Defends Deal With Google

Tim Cook, who advocates users’ privacy and has criticized Google

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Sheger Payment Gateway Hacked By Shad0wSec

Yesterday we received an email from a member of Shad0wSec

Most Important Consideration of Confidentiality,Integrity, Availability (CIA Triad) to Avoid Organization Data Breach

It is not wrong to say that information is power

Instagram’s Data Download Tool Accidentally Leaked Users’ Passwords

It seems like Facebook’s inability to secure users’ data has been

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Google’s plans to make its platforms engaging is soon likely

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Facebook has been plagued by an internal turmoil after Zuckerberg

Instagram’s download your data tool exposed users’ passwords to public view

Facebook somehow manages to make headlines one way or the

New iPad Pro Reportedly Suffering From Bending Issues

It has not been one month since Apple launched its

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YouTube has introduced new ad-supported options to watch full-length Hollywood

Comprehensive Guide on Dirbuster Tool

In this article, we are focusing on transient directory using

Vovox Data Exposure: 26 Million SMS Texts; Two Factor Codes, Phone Numbers And More

Vovox has reportedly exposed over 26 million texts belonging to

Latest Hacking News Podcast #166

Twitter says third-party app used in Bitcoin scams, Instagram flaw