Amazon data breach: Names & email addresses of customers exposed online

The e-commerce giant Amazon has announced that it has suffered

Huawei Mate 20 Series To Launch In India On November 27

Huawei Mate 20 Pro that was launched back in October

French Government Will Stop Using Google Search Engine

Google is already walking on thin ice with European countries

13 malware gaming apps on Play Store installed by half a million users

Android is one of the most used mobile operating systems

Vision Direct Deals With Customer Data Leak

Vision Direct, UK’s biggest online retailer involved in the business

Get 3 Months Of Kindle Unlimited At Just $1 Under Amazon Black Friday Sale

Black Friday 2018 is almost here, and deals are pouring

Google Play Offering All Movie Rentals Just For $0.99 On Thanksgiving

One of the most awaited festive days of the year,

Mark Zuckerberg: I Won’t Step Down As Facebook Chairman

Following the various scandals Facebook has been getting entrapped in,

Facebook’s ‘Your Time On Facebook’ Tracking Tool Available Now

After Facebook announced its ‘Your Time on Facebook’ tool four

Red Hawk – Open Source Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning Tool

Red Hawk is an open source tool that is used

UK Infrastructure Allocates £1.9 Billion For Cyber Security Boost

Members of Parliament at the UK have recently pointed out

Malware Posing As Innocent Games Downloaded By Millions Of Android Users

It seems like Google’s crackdown on developers and refining the Play

Elon Musk’s Weed Video Sparks A NASA Safety Probe At SpaceX

Space agency NASA is planning to conduct an intensive safety review

A Samsung Galaxy S10 Variant Will Pack 6 Cameras And 5G Network Support

Only a few days earlier, Samsung announced three different types

Facebook Used For Selling A Teenage Girl For Marriage In Sudan

Nearly a month ago, a post on Facebook advertising a

Real Identity of Hacker Who Sold LinkedIn, Dropbox Databases Revealed

The real identity of Tessa88—the notorious hacker tied to several

Latest Hacking News Podcast #168

Active XSS attacks exploiting vulnerable Wordpress plugin, Sofacy aka Fancy Bear

Security breach at Radisson reward program

Thousands of users have been affected by the incident Last

Malaysia’s largest media company becomes victim of a ransomware attack

The hackers have demanded a ransom of $6.45M USD Media

Two hackers imprisoned for the attack against TalkTalk in 2015

Data breach cost £77M in losses to the telecom company

German Government issues recommendations on router security

The measures were criticized by specialist organizations and software developers

Uncover virtual hosts of domain with Fierce

FIERCE DNS SCANNER:- Fierce is a another domain scanner. It


TOR EXIT RELAY SCANNER:- As we all know tor is


EVADE USING PROXYCHAINS:- Whenever attacker attacks in any network, all

What is that website – whatweb

WHATWEB:- Whatweb is a next generation information scanner. Its name

How to find, is link malicious/URL or not

AUTOMATER:- Automater is a tool to analyze URL, IP, MD5