Data breach in OSIsoft

The software company has suffered a data breach that would

EU asks allies to boycott chinese companies

The American Government is concerned about its information security According

Xerosploit – Open Source Toolkit For Man In The Middle Attacks

Xerosploit is a python-based toolkit for creating efficient Man In

Man arrested for stealing $1m from Silicon Valley Exec via SIM-swapping

A 21-year old Manhattan resident has been accused of SIM-swapping

23 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver shows promise being the latest

L0rdix malware on dark web steals data, mines crypto & enslaves PCs as botnet

There’s a new hacking tool circulating in the underground Dark

MIT Engineers Showcase First-ever Airplane Without Moving Parts

Researchers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have developed a

Huawei Is Testing Google’s Secretive Fuchsia OS On Honor Play

Google has been working on the new Fuchsia OS for

Siri Showed A Penis Image When Asked About Donald Trump

Update: The issue has been fixed by Apple by deleting all

US Government Asks Allies To Stop Using Huawei’s Products

The US government is trying to convince wireless and internet

Apple Users In China Are The ‘Invisible Poors’: Report

Owning an Apple iPhone has been synonymous with great class.

USPS Bug affects 60 Million Users, Finally Fixed.

USPS has recently dealt with one of the biggest vulnerabilities

Most Of American Users Don’t Think Social Media Is A Good Thing

There was a time when social media was ‘the craze’

21-Year-Old Hacker Steals $1 Million In Cryptocurrency By Targeting Silicon Valley Execs’ Phones

As per a report from The New York Post, a

Apple Planning An Amazon Fire Stick-Like Apple TV Dongle: Report

Previously, we heard that Apple is going to launch a

recon-ng – Good tool for Information Gathering

Recon-ng is a tool written in python mostly used in

Best way to Remove Malware on Mac, Including Other Unwanted Apps

Some Mac apps are so persistent that you can’t use

First Set Of Global Standards Rolled Out For Drones – Designed To Protect Aircraft

Drone operators will soon be under the purview of ISO’s

Use nslookup for footprinting


Latest Hacking News Podcast #170

The USPS fixed a security vulnerability exposing 60 million users’

60 million users’ data were exposed by the US Postal Service

The vulnerability persisted on the Postal Service website for almost

Over 500k Play Store users have installed 13 games that contain malware

The malicious program could be a cryptocurrency miner, or an

Success in CBP facial recognition program

Launched this summer, this biometric program has shown greater efficiency

How could passwordless Internet work

Microsoft has recently announced that its nearly 800 million users