Facebook’s Internal Documents Seized By The UK Parliament

The UK Parliament has taken an unusually aggressive step to

Frustrated Fallout 76 Player Cursed With Permanent God Mode Due To A Bug

Game glitches, particularly those inadvertently endowing benefits to the players

Hacker takeovers Drake’s Fortnite account to yell racial slurs

The official Fortnite account of the Canadian rapper Drake going by the

Microsoft Fixed Outlook 2010 Crashes Triggered By November Patch Tuesday

While an update bundle supposedly addresses flaws, Microsoft November Patch

Apache Hadoop YARN NodeManager Daemon Falls Prey To Zip Slip Vulnerability

A few months ago, researchers discovered the Zip Slip vulnerability

VMWare Patched Critical Vulnerability In Workstation And Fusion

Recently, VMware patched critical vulnerability affecting its Workstation and Fusion

Privacy-focused /e/ Smartphone OS Gets Support For More Devices

Previously, we have reported Android’s dominance and how vulnerable are we to

An Overview of the Sophos 2019 Report

The Cyber Security firm has recently released an in-depth research

Ethereum Vulnerability Allowed Minting GasToken To Sweep Crypto Exchanges

A recently discovered Ethereum vulnerability could have allowed hackers to


BABYSPLOIT INTRO:- Babysploit is a pentesting tool kit used in

Upgraded TrickBot Malware Attack Point-of-Sale Machines & Services to Steal Credit/Debit card Data

Trickbot, a Banking Trojan that involved various cyber attacks especially