Dark Overlord Hacking Group Delivers On Threat to Release Sensitive 9/11 documents

Regular readers of LHN may be no strangers to articles

Thousands of Internet connected hot tubs vulnerable to remote attacks

Weak security practices have rendered IoT devices vulnerable to hacking

NSA to release free reverse engineering tool GHIDRA at RSAConference

WikiLeaks Fame Reverse Engineering Tool GHIDRA to be Released in

Apple Support Scam Takes Further Steps in Appearing Legitimate

Customer support scams have been rampant over the past years

Apple’s CES Ad Hits Google And Amazon Where It Hurts

2018 turned out to be disastrous for many tech giants.

NSA To Release A Free Reverse Engineering Tool ‘GHIDRA’

A free reverse engineering framework called GHIDRA developed by the U.S.

BitTorrent To Launch A New Token To Pay For Faster Downloads

Just after six months of being acquired by TRON, a

New Malvertising Chain that Steals Confidential Information and Encrypts With GandCrab Ransomware

A new malvertising chain that uses multiple payloads to steal

Latest Hacking News Podcast #195

Hundreds of German Politicians have personal data leaked, lawsuit over