XSS Vulnerability Found In WP Statistics WordPress Plugin

A serious cross-site scripting vulnerability could have affected thousands of

Latest Hacking News Podcast #320

New Malware – Godlua Abusing DNS Over HTTPS, New Strain

Fake JQuery Campaign On the Rise For Ad Fraud And Malvertising

Some malware campaigns seemingly never stop, rather they keep coming

Over 100 Apps Linked To An Adware Campaign Removed From Google Play Store

Once again, Android users may have fallen prey to a

Old Unpatched Firefox Vulnerability Allows For Stealing of Files Via a Malicious HTML File

Opening HTML files in browsers is a pretty harmless practice.

Serious Vulnerabilities Discovered That Affect Arlo Wireless Security Cameras

Researchers have found some serious security vulnerabilities in Arlo wireless

Google Chrome Will Block ‘Heavy Ads’ From Loading In Future

Google has seemingly taken another step to sanitize the browsing

Latest Hacking News Podcast #319

PGP Poisoned Certificates Compromising SKS Keyserver Network,  New Malware Spotted

Zipato Smart Home Hub Exploits Discovered That Could Allow An Attacker to Open iOT Door Locks

Smart home solutions may seem to provide convenient security compared

Malicious iMessages Could Brick iPhones Owing To iOS Vulnerabilities

As disclosed recently, Apple has fixed some serious security issues

Latest Hacking News Podcast #318

TA505 Launches Attacks with New Strategies, US Cyber Command Issues

New Phishing Campaign Exploits QR Codes To Bypass Security Controls

Owing to various security measures to protect against email phishing,

Multiple Vulnerabilities Spotted In Lenovo Server Infrastructure

Researchers have spotted multiple vulnerabilities in Lenovo server infrastructure. These

Latest Hacking News Podcast #317

New Rat Detected – Ratsnif, Smartphone Database Leaks Billions of

Attunity Data Leak Through Unsecured Amazon S3 Buckets Affected Netflix, Ford, And Other Big Names

One more data security incident alerted the news world. However

Latest Hacking News Podcast #316

United Airlines Cockpit Codes Leaked, Disney Film Held Ransom, DocuSign

MedicareSupplement.com Exposed 5 Million Records With Personal Information Through Unsecured Database

Another unprotected database has caught researchers’ attention. The database that

Hackers Can Abuse Microsoft Excel Power Query For Malware Attacks

Researchers have found a way to abuse Microsoft Excel for

Critical Vulnerabilities Patched In Cisco Data Center Network Manager Software

Cisco has recently rolled-out fixes for multiple vulnerabilities in its

Latest Hacking News Podcast #315

New Variant of the Dridex Banking Trojan with new Obfuscation

Bitrue Crypto Exchange Hacked Losing Over $4.5 Million Worth Of Cryptocurrency

It has been little more than a month since the

Taiwan Ministry Of Civil Service Suffered Data Breach Affecting 240K Civil Servants

Government-maintained databases are genuinely alluring for criminal hackers. These resources

Dominion National Disclosed Data Breach That Lasted For Almost A Decade

Some security incidents remain unnoticed for so long that it

Latest Hacking News Podcast #314

Cisco Releases Emergency Patches for Data Center Network Manager, Another

Latest Hacking News Podcast #313

New Mac Malware OSX/Linker, Iran Says US Cyber Attacks Did

Indian Medicinal Firm “Jiva Ayurveda” Exposed 1.2 Million Personal Records Through an Unsecured Database

Once again, an Indian firm serving more than a million

Latest Hacking News Podcast #312

Spoofing Possible On FEMA US Presidential Alert System, Belgium Police