End of GandCrab – New Free Decryptor Tool that let Victims to Unlock All versions of Ransomware Infection

Decryptor tool released for the notorious GandCrab ransomware let’s victim’s

Hackers Attack MySQL Servers on Windows to Deliver GandCrab Ransomware

GandCrab Ransomware is one of the most Prevalent Ransomware that

New MegaCortex Ransomware Attack on a Large Number of Enterprise Networks using Red-Team Attack Tools

A new ransomware strain MegaCortex leverages both automated and manual

Ransomware Attack on the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in U.S – Lessons learned

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport In U.S fell victim to a

Hackers Use GitHub to Host Malware to Attack Victims by Abusing Yandex Owned Legitimate ad Service

Threat actors distribute malware by posting malicious ads that redirect

INPIVX Service Let Anyone to Develop Malware From Scratch

Cybercriminals posted a new service called Inpivx, which provides a

The Weather Channel Under Ransomware Attack – Site Went Offline for 90 Minutes

The weather channel hit with a ransomware attack on its

Canadian Internet Registration Authority Hit with Ransomware Attack on Car Parking System

Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) car parking system hacked and

Extensive Ransomware Attack Hits Worldwide Operation at Aluminum Manufacturing Gaint Norsk Hydro

Extensive Ransomware Attack forced to shut down operations at, Norsk

Alert !! Hackers Launching New JNEC.a Ransomware via WinRAR Exploits – Do not Pay

A brand new JNEC.a ransomware spreading via recently discovered WinRAR

Gandcrab Ransomware Attack on Chinese Government Internal Network

Hackers launched ransomware attacks on Chinese Government department and infected

Massive Ryuk Ransomware Attack on Entire Computers of Jackson County, Georgia – $400,000 Ransom Paid

Rural Jackson County, Georgia computer systems are infected with Massive

Hackers Spreading JCry Ransomware that Infecting Windows users via Compromised Websites

Cyber criminals spreading new ransomware called Jcry which is written

Beware!! Fake Browser Update Drops a Ransomware & Banking Malware into Your Computer

Researcher recently discovered a malicious Fake Browser Update campaign that

Torrents Sites Banned A Famous “CrackNow” Torrent Uploader that sharing GandCrab Ransomware

Many of the torrent sites strictly banned the popular torrent

Hackers Launching Gandcrab Ransomware via Super Mario Image Using Weaponized Excel Document

Cyber criminals now spreading a Gandcrab ransomware variant using Steganography

New Anatova Ransomware Encrypt the Users Data & Demands $700 USD Per User to Unlock the Files

Researchers discovered new Anatova Ransomware which is called as modular

New Mongolock Ransomware Attacking Database to Encrypt & Deleting Files

Newly discovered a distractive Ransomware Mongolock targets the databases &

A new Ransomware Anatova Which Hides as Game or Application

A new Ransomware called Anatova has been discovered in a

CryptoMix Ransomware – Tricks Users to Pay Ransom for Helping Children

CryptoMix ransomware (old ransomware spotted early in 2016) returns with

Hackers Launching Fallout Exploit Kit with New Flash Exploits That Delivers GandCrab Ransomware

One of the dangerous Fallout exploit kit now back to

U.S City Del Rio Attacked by Ransomware – All the Operation has been Shut Down

The City of Del Rio IT system was compromised by

New Malvertising Chain that Steals Confidential Information and Encrypts With GandCrab Ransomware

A new malvertising chain that uses multiple payloads to steal

FBI and DHS issued Alert On Increase in SamSam Ransomware Attacks Targeted Multiple Industries

FBI and DHS issued a joint alert on how to

A New Ransomware Strain Spreading Rapidly and Infected More than 100,000 Computers

A new ransomware strain spreading as a result of supply

Moscow’s Cable Car System Hacked Within Two Hours After it Opened

Moscow’s first ever cable car system was forced to shut

Two Iranian Men charges for Deploying SamSam Ransomware on Hospitals & Public Sectors that Caused $30 M in Losses

Two Iranian Men charges for Sophisticated SamSam Ransomware deployment on

Ransomware Attack Hits Ohio Hospital and the Emergency Rooms are Unable to take Patients

Ransomware attack on East Ohio Regional Hospital and Ohio Valley

Powerful Mobile Malware Rotexy Launched over 70,000 Attacks with Banking Trojan & Ransomware Modules

A new Mobile malware family called Rotexy, launched over 7000

SamSam Ransomware Campaigns Highly Active in 2018 and Heavily Targets Organizations

SamSam ransomware campaigns continue to launch attacks against various organizations