CyberGhost VPN – The Best VPN to Protect Your Privacy Online with No Log Policy

A VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, protects you from

Best Cyber Security Certifications 2019

Today, Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industry.

Graphic Design Service Canva Suffers Data Breach Affecting 139 Million Users

A recent victim of a security incident turns out to

Flipboard Resets Passwords For 145 Million Users Following Data Breach

Another firm has fallen victim to a massive data breach.

Teen hacked Apple twice hoping for a job

He hacked his way into the tech giant’s mainframe by

World’s most dangerous laptop has been sold for $1.3 million

The laptop is a Samsung model now known as ‘Persistence

What to do if your email is found on the Dark Web

If your email is on the dark web it is

YouTuber hacks fingerprint scanner of OnePlus 7 Pro using hot glue

The Youtuber also claimed that the OnePlus 7 Pro’s fingerprint

Baltimore city ransomware attack is powered by stolen NSA hacking tool

This time the hacking tool being used is EternalBlue. The

Python for Data Science – Most Important Contribution of Data Science in Cybersecurity

Python for Data Science is one of the essential parts

Crypto tumbler seized for large-scale money laundering was among the three largest cryptocurrency mixing services launched

World’s most dangerous laptop ‘Persistence of Chaos’ is up for auction

The ‘Persistence of Chaos’ laptop is infected with some of

Download official version of Tor browser on Android devices

Tor Browser for Android has been officially launched with tons

7 steps large companies are taking to safeguard against cybercrime

Cybercrime is on the rise with new exploits released every

Google says it stored some G Suite passwords in plain text for 14 years

This issue is linked with G Suite users only while

Gmail wittingly storing your online purchase data for years

Google knows “what, when, where & how much” about your

The Future of Wi-Fi Security: Assessing Vulnerabilities in WPA3

A new study by researchers Matty Vanhoef and Eyal Ronen

Amazon, Apple, Google & Microsoft issue patches to fix ZombieLoad bug

Computers containing Intel chips from 2011 onwards are vulnerable to

Over 100 Vulnerabilities In Building Management Systems Could Trigger Hacks On Buildings

A researcher has found over 100 security vulnerabilities that could

Hackers Deployed Malware On 4600 Websites To Steal User Information

A researcher has discovered a massive cyber attack that seems

Serious SQLite Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Discovered

As reported recently, a researcher has found a serious security

WhatsApp flaw lets hackers install spyware on iOS & Android devices

It is unclear whether the WhatsApp vulnerability has been exploited

Basketball Firm Behind Indiana Pacer Faced Security Breach

Recently, Pacers Sports & Entertainment, the entity at the back

SMS Bombing Operation Exposed After Discovery of a Leaky Database

Unsecured cloud databases have emerged as a growing cyber threat

Sim swapping hackers charged with stealing $2.5m worth of crypto

These hackers are part of the group called “The Community.”

Vulnerability Discovered In ‘Unhackable’ eyeDisk Flash Drive – Passwords Exposed

Another ‘unhackable’ product has seemingly paid the price of making

Online Tutoring Platform Wyzant Suffered Data Breach Exposing Personal Data

Recently, the online tutoring platform Wyzant suffered a data breach.

Phishing Attack Prevention: Best 10 Ways To Prevent Email Phishing Attacks

No one wants to believe they’d fall victim to a

Unsecured Database Exposed Over 275 Million Records Of Indian Citizens

A new data leakage incident has surfaced online that seemingly

Critical Vulnerability In ISPsystem Software Could Allow Web Session Hijacking

A critical security vulnerability in ISPsystem software put nearly 10,000