InfoG v1.0 – An Open Source Information Gathering Tool

InfoG is a Shellscript used to gather information about a

WAScan – An Open Source Web Application Scanner

Today, we are going to talk about a powerful web

Spaghetti – An Open Source Web Application Security Scanner

Spaghetti is an Open Source web application scanner, it is

Sn1per – An Automated Pentesting Framework

Sn1per is an automated scanner that can be used during

Cl0neMast3r – Install Your Hacking Tools With Ease

Cl0neMast3r is a Python script that was coded to make your

SSLyze: A Python Tool For Analyzing SSL Configurations

Today, we talk about SSLyze. SSLyze is a Python tool

Photon – A Very Handy Open Source OSINT Tool

Photon is a relatively fast crawler designed for automating OSINT

KillShot – An Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning Tool

KillShot is a penetration testing tool that can be used

Gobuster – An Elegant CLI Utility for Brute Forcing URI Directories

Every reconnaissance phase has a standard checklist that is to

Eyewitness – Open Source Target Visualization and Recon Tool

Got a huge list of targets that you’d like to

Ghidra – NSA’s Reverse Engineering Tool Now Available For Free

Here comes some good news from the RSA Conference 2019.

Altair – An Open Source Modular Web Vulnerability Scanner

Altair is a Python tool that can be used to

MassBleed – An Open Source SSL Vulnerability Scanner

MassBleed is an open source tool used for scanning SSL

YAWAST – Open Source Web Application Information Gathering Toolkit

YAWAST is a web application penetration testing toolkit that can

Tulpar – An Open Source Web Application Vulnerability Scanner

Tulpar is an open source penetration testing tool that can

Sherlock – A Tool To Find Usernames Across Social Networks

With Sherlock you can search across a vast number of

Japanese Government to “Pen Test” Citizen’s IoT Devices Ahead of Olympics

The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications revealed in

Webvulnscan – An Automated Web Application Vulnerability Scanner

Webvulnscan is a web application scanner that automates vulnerability assessment

Sitadel – An Open Source Tool for Finding Web Application Vulnerabilities

Sitadel is a python based web application scanner. It’s flexible

CMSmap – An Open Source CMS Scanner

Cmsmap is a python based CMS scanner for automating the

Avet – Open Source Tool for Anti-Virus Evasion

Many times when you want to perform an exploitation to

Joomscan – Open Source Joomla Vulnerability Scanner

Joomscan is a scanner by OWASP, which aims to automate

PrivilegeEsc-Linux – Open Source Script for Enumeration on Linux

PrivilegeEsc-Linux is a simple script which checks the security on

NoSQLMap – Open Source Audit and Attack NoSQL Databases

NoSQLMap is an open source python based tool, designed to

massExploitConsole – An Open Source Tool For Exploiting Known Vulnerabilities

MassExploitConsole is a python based easy-to-use cli tool for executing

Macro_Pack – Open Source tool for obfuscating MS documents and VBS scripts

The macro_pack is a tool for automating obfuscation in an

Brutex – Open Source Tool for Brute Force Automation

Brutex is a shell based open source tool to make

Kalitorify – Open Source Tool to Run Kali Linux Traffic Through Tor

Kalitorify is a shell based script for Kali Linux. It

BLACKEYE – Open Source LAN Phishing Tool for Penetration Testing

BLACKEYE is a LAN phishing tool that can clone more

Knock – Open Source Subdomain Scanner Tool

Knock is a python based tool for enumerating subdomains on