Not So “Luscious Data Breach” Leaks Data Of 1.1 Million Users Globally

With data breaches becoming more common, a new one has been found taking place on a porn website, leaking data from over a million users.

According to a research report by vpnMentor, pornographic website Luscious leaked 1.195 million users’ data without their knowledge.

Luscious Data Breach

It is suggested that the adult website allows users to upload animated adult content, which can be done without anyone knowing of the identity of the user uploading the content.

However, the data breach disclosed the identity of the users and other personal data. The data includes email addresses (including official government emails of various users), usernames, country, and gender.

User activity details such as likes, comments, video uploads, user ID numbers, blog posts, and even the user preferences over the website were a part of the data leak.

The report further suggests that the blogs posted by users that were leaked had personal details about the users.

Implications Of Luscious Data Breach

The leaked user data can be misused by hackers for malicious activities. Such malicious activities could include doxing (the act of exposing users’ personal details publically), phishing, and extortion.

Furthermore, the data breach can allow other porn websites to take advantage of the data leaked and target users accordingly.

The good news is that the data breach has been controlled since it was reported on August 15. The bad news is that hackers could have accessed the data leaked and might use the data to their advantage.

Researchers at vpnMentor suggest that Luscious users should change their username and other account details to remain safe.

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