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EaST – Open Source Exploits and Security Tools Framework

East is a Python based security framework toolkit. It acts as a HTTP server and contains a wide range of different exploits and modules to use. It combines an advanced penetration testing framework with a simple to use interface, which even a beginner can use.

Installing EaST

Installation is pretty straightforward, clone the github repository.

git clone https://github.com/C0reL0ader/EaST.gi

It just requires python to run the server, nothing more.

Running EaST

Type this command to run the server.

cd East/
python start.py [-p PORT] [--all-interfaces]

The service is up and running at localhost:80. Open a browser and go to the address.

As you can see, the interface is pretty simple. In the left we have folders with modules we can use and also a window with information for every module you choose. In the right you have a box to type your target’s address and port you want to attack. You can also check their database with all the latest exploits here.

Let’s use it to attack a vulnerable server. First, type the target’s ip in the target box. Then, go to the Utilities folder and run the port_scanner module to see the open ports.


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