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A Malware Showcase | Understanding Malware With Python

Malware showcase is a Github repository that contains examples of malware usage and behavior, this repo should be used only for educational purposes or for experts who wish to expand on the usage for red team or other related ethical hacking activities.


N.B: We will need to set up a virtual environment

1 – Cloning the repo

2 – Installing Virtualenv
cd malware_showcase/

3 – Set up virtual env with python 3

4 – Activating virtual env

5 – Installing pip3 libraries for modules

Once the libraries are installed we can dive into the modules


Utilizing an example of Ransomware
Ransomware is an exploit that encrypts data in any OS and it requires a interaction to decrypt said data
Like WannaCry
we change directory to ransomware

In this example, we will suppose that the victim has no knowledge base64 or any cryptography or any type of encryption
The directory contains a simple text file called target_file.ext

Once we execute the script the file will be encrypted with a message like this

Now we can see that the file is encrypted


1 – Each module has a nice explanation
2 – Made by python3 (easy to read and understand)

1 – There are other similar GitHub repos that offer similar content and more

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