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What Is a WiFi Pineapple and How Is It Used?

There are many reasons why a WiFi Pineapple might come in handy. With the ability to scan, target, intercept, and report, WiFi Pineapples are easily (and effectively) multi-talented. The general idea of a WiFi Pineapple is providing a middle man between the internet and whatever device is up for target.

  • WiFi man-in-the-middle platform
  • Highly effective rogue AP suite
  • Over-the-air apps and modules
  • Advanced client and AP filtering
  • Intuitive web interface
  • Simplified auditing workflow
  • Live reconnaissance view
  • At-a-glance intelligence
  • Device tracking and alerting
  • Reports emailed at set intervals
  • Build on embedded Linux
  • Free software updates
If you find yourself wanting this stellar device, you should know that they are only $99.99

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