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How to write an information security analyst job description

One of the diverse critical tools in the human resource department is a job description. It’s one of the paramount tools that aid in an employer’s staffing programs. Job description usually stipulates the duties, responsibilities any relevant skills required, the level of training and education needed for the job.

Job descriptions don’t just come into play when candidates are being interviewed, but they are also used in the orientation process of new employees, setting expectations, evaluation of job performance, and moreover, they align the employee with the company vision and objectives. 

Developing an information security analyst job description has several pay-offs such as:

  1.  It assists information security analyst duties to align with the companies’ objectives, mission, and vision.
  2.  When hiring the recruiters are able to stipulate to the applicants their roles and responsibilities.
  3.  With a job description, a recruiter can be able to derive interview questions.
  4.  When requirements and expectations are not met, job description forms the foundation for determining the areas that require development and more training.
  5. Clear job descriptions usually form the basis for the development of compensation plans since they determine one’s entrusted responsibility in an organization.
  6. Helps employees understand their job roles.

Information security analyst also referred to as cybersecurity analyst is one of the essential staff members in any organization today. With the positive growth of internet and technology, there is also a breed of crooks who have cropped up and they are bad news to businesses globally. Nearly every business, whether a middle-sized or a multinational company has had a case of cyberattack and with these security breaches businesses have lost billions of dollars and data worthy much than money.

Companies all over the globe such as IndusFace, have recognized the need for an information security analyst who is the ones entrusted with securing the business online, their systems and networks from these cybercriminals. With that in mind, let’s get down to the official topic, which is how to write an information security job description step one.

Information Security Analyst Job Responsibilities and Duties

Duties usually outline the expectations of the employer, which is simply the goals and the tasks which the information security analyst is entrusted to accomplish. These responsibilities typically vary between companies to companies. Remember that an information security analyst job, in general, is to perform digital forensics, discover, monitor, and analyze prospective threats to the business, come up with the necessary countermeasures and administer the implementation.

Critical responsibilities for an information security analyst include: 

  • Build firewalls and other necessary encryption algorithms that ensure the business data is protected, can conceal private business information during transmission and safeguard the company from malicious digital files.
  • Thwart infringements through current business security software and hardware.
  • Undertake weekly analysis of the business IT systems, so that one can detect areas that are vulnerable to attacks and come up with mitigation measures.
  • Protect all digital business data from unauthorized access, alteration, erasure, and exposure. 
  • Penetration testing, monitoring, and evaluation of current digital assets
  • Perform thorough internal and external security audits
  • Keep under surveillance the IT systems and their users at all times to make sure compliance with the security systems protocols and report any violators of the set standard procedures. 
  • Regularly assess the computer security files and network infrastructure of the business and determine in wholesome the safety of the system, perform precautionary actions such as updating the virus protection software, installing new software and modification of access permissions.
  • Come up with a security course to train employees on the need for security and how to safeguard the business from internal and external threats.
  • Work with law enforcement and vendors on matters of security threats.


With rising salaries and a massive global demand for qualified professionals, cybersecurity is an incredibly attractive industry to work in. There are thousands of unfilled cyber roles and the situation is getting worse; Symantec now predicts there will be 1.5 million unfilled cybersecurity roles by 2019.

Therefore, cybersecurity recruitment teams should work with employees to find solutions to their recruitment challenges and look for skilled individuals who intend to give their best for the company and to tackle growing online threats.

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