New Android Malware Gustuff Targeting 100+ Banking, 32 Cryptocurrency and Messengers apps such as WhatsApp

Gustuff a fully automated baking malware that abuses the accessibility Service to steal login credentials from 100+ global bank accounts and robs users of 32 cryptocurrency apps.

The Accessibility Services in Android devices is to assist users with disabilities in using Android devices and apps.

Gustuff malware script contains fake pages targeting users of Android apps of top international banks including Bank of America, Bank of Scotland, J.P.Morgan, Wells Fargo, Capital One, TD Bank, PNC Bank, and crypto services such as Bitcoin Wallet, BitPay, Cryptopay, Coinbase, etc.

According to Group-IB report to GBHackers On Security, the malware targets more than “100 banking apps, including 27 in the US, 16 in Poland, 10 in Australia, 9 in Germany, and 8 in India and users of 32 cryptocurrency apps.”

Expanded Malware Capabilities – Gustuff

The malware was initially designed as a classic banking trojan, later it’s capabilities expanded to target crypto services, online stores, payment systems, and messengers.

Gustuff distributed through SMS contains a link to the apk files, once it gets into the device, it further spreads through device contacts list.

Once it gets infected with the victim’s machine it abuses the accessibility services to interact with the apps such as cryptocurrency wallets, online banking apps, messengers.

Based on Group-IB analysis, “the malware is capable of performing an action such as change the values of the text fields in banking apps, Push fake notification requesting payment card details and with the help of Accessibility Service it automatically fills details and performs illicit transactions.”

The malware designed by Russian-speaking cybercriminal, and it was designed to work exclusively outside of Russia and target customers of international companies.

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