Microsoft Patents Touch Sensor Embedded Fabrics For Surface Devices

According to a patent application, Microsoft’s next-gen Surface devices might include smart fabrics on the back, that would offer standard functionality like swiping gestures, changing volume and more.

Under the patent titled “Forming Touch Sensor on Fabric”, Microsoft says that it will be adding touch sensors on many of its handheld devices including Surface, HoloLens and more.

The patent mentions that touch sensors implanted on the device’s fabric will be configured to work with other sensors. The added functionalities would include browsing through apps, adjusting volume, settings and more.

The technology will also enable users to connect Microsoft device wirelessly with each other.

The patent also talks about the added advantages of having touch sensors on a device fabric. For instance, using a touch panel won’t make one lose the grip of the device, which we often see with standard buttons.

This is usually seen with wearable devices where pressing on the hard buttons completely throws the device off balance. Having touch sensors on the device such as Microsoft HoloLens will make it extremely easy to use basic controls without having to locate them.

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