PUBG Will Soon Bring A Story-Based Gameplay; Confirms Developer

PUBG is a wildly popular battle royale game and the only one which stands up to Fornite — the dominant survival game, so far. However, PUBG lacks narration in gameplay so the developers have decided to bring story-based gameplay for users.

The confirmation came from Sledgehammer Games co-founder Glen Schofield who is going to run a new studio, Striking Distance. It is a new independent game studio by PUBG Corporation which is working on story-based gameplay in PUBG.

The unit is working on an “original narrative experience” set in the PUBG world. Schofield is leading the team and is well known for his work in Dead Space at Visceral Games and Call of Duty games ranging from Modern Warfare 3 to WWII.

While we don’t have a date of release, it is said that the story-driven mode will arrive in the same game instead of a sequel. Maybe we’ll get to know why Miramar map was deserted in the story or why Sanhok and Vikendi are uninhabited and the underlying threats in those places.

Even though it sounds exciting, there is a question mark on its success. Earlier, Fortnite released a story-driven mode called “Save the World,” which came even before the battle royale option. As far as we know, this mode attracted a tiny fraction of the audience.

If PUBG attempts to do the same, it will have to come up with something very convincing to lure the multiplayer base.

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