There’s a Dark Matter ‘Bridge’ Between Milky Way and Virgo Cluster

Dark-matter-bridge from-Milky-Way-to-Virgo-Cluster
Figure shows the stream of Galaxies with the flow along the cosmic highway and a bridge from our Local Group to Virgo Cluster

Outside the Earth, all the humans together could be imagined as a dust particle in the Universe, but the quest of our species into the abyss is phenomenal. Just to help you recollect your memories, The New Horizons is on Pluto, NASA’s STEREO-A reached the other side of the Sun, and humans are planning a trip to Mars. This time the observers have discovered an intergalactic highway to our Milky Way Galaxy.

A team of astrophysicists from the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP) have created a detailed map of the motion of nearby galaxies around Milky Way. Milky Way has Andromeda (about 2.5 million light years), Centaurus A (about 13 million light years), and a number of galactic satellites in its own local cluster.

The researchers from their galactic map have discovered a colossal bridge of dark matter stretching all the way from Milky Way and The Local Group to the Virgo cluster which is about 50 million light-years away. The bridge is devoid of any matter (galaxies) around it.

This dark matter bridge raises the questions as how the dwarf galaxies are distributed in space. Somewhere these dwarf galaxies swarm the large ones like our Milky Way whereas there are none for millions of light years like along this Dark Matter bridge.

A possible structure for these dwarf galaxies is that they are compressed to vast, flat and possibly spinning planes. These dark matter bridge structures question the existing theories of how galaxies are created in the Universe.

The researchers say that this is the first time anyone has witnessed the large filamentary highways through which dwarf galaxies are channeled across the cosmos along the dark matter bridges.

These intergalactic bridges give a ramp to these dwarf galaxies that are million of light years away to beam towards Milky Way or the satellites of our galaxy to hurl away from us.

This is the first time that scientists are viewing such sort of dark matter bridge for the first time and correlating it with the origin and distribution of galaxies in the Universe.

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