Google Bans App Developer Due to Ad Fraud And Policy Violations

Google has been in the news for cracking down on

‘Exodus’ Surveillance Malware Found Targeting Apple iOS Users

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered an iOS version of the powerful

Hackers Mimic Google reCAPTCHA For Banking Malware Attacks

Another phishing campaign has surfaced online targeting banks. The attackers

First Android Clipboard Hijacking Crypto Malware Found On Google Play Store

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Several Popular Beauty Camera Apps Caught Stealing Users’ Photos

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New Android Malware Uses Motion Sensors To Stay Hidden

Security measures are not the only ones seeing improvements! Malicious

Malware Posing As Innocent Games Downloaded By Millions Of Android Users

It seems like Google’s crackdown on developers and refining the Play

“OwnMe” Android Spyware Can Access Your WhatsApp Texts, Call Logs, Browsing History

A security researcher from ESET has announced that he has

Android 9 Pie Safe From The WiFi Bug That Leaks Sensitive Data

Researchers have discovered a vulnerability in all Android versions except Android

Anubis Malware Masks Itself In Fake Google Apps

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Malicious Android Battery-Saver App Installs Adware And Steals Data

Installing battery saving apps helps to improve the battery life

How “Innocent” QR Codes Are Giving Headaches To Both Android And iOS Users

At the almost same time, we have two different QR

How Did Google Wipe Out 700,000 Malicious Android Apps From Play Store? Using Artificial Intelligence

It’s a common habit of humans and companies to flaunt

60 Games With 3 Million Downloads Found Showing “AdultSwine” Porn Ads — Now Deleted By Google

It doesn’t matter how much trust Google has on their

First Android Malware Written In Kotlin Programming Language Is Here To Infect You

Following the footsteps of Apple’s homegrown Swift programming language for

CryptoJacking Android Malware “Loapi” Can Physically Damage Your Device

If you want to get malware on your Android device,

DoubleLocker: This Android Ransomware Activates Every Time You Press Home Button

Android’s accessibility services are features that help the users to take

1000+ Android Apps Are ‘Secret Spies’ Recording Your Data, Researchers Reveal

Short Bytes: Lookout Security has been running after the samples

GhostCtrl Android Malware Steals Your Private Data And Records Audio, Video

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LeakerLocker Android Ransomware Threatens To Expose Personal Data To All Your Contacts

Short Bytes: LeakerLocker, an Android ransomware, is here to infect

How SpyDealer Malware Hacks Your Facebook, WhatsApp, Web Browser, And Other Android Apps

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CopyCat Malware Infects 14 Million Android Smartphones, Steals Sensitive Information

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This Android Malware Attacks Your Wi-Fi Router And Hijacks Web Traffic

Short Bytes: A dangerous Android malware named Trojan.AndroidOS.Switcher has been discovered

This Malware In 1,163 Android Apps Can Root Your Smartphone Without Your Permission

Short Bytes: Third party app stores cannot always guarantee the

Android.Bankosy Trojan Learns To Steal Your One-Time Passwords Sent Through Calls

Short Bytes: According to the reports, the primary motive of

Android Malware Hides as MS Word File, Sends Data To Hacker

Short Bytes: Attackers are now using an android malware app

Popular Game Malware Affecting More than 1 Million Android Users

Do you love playing games on your Android tablet and