This Image Holds $70,000 Worth Bitcoin; You Just Have To Find It!

Bitcoin has been on a constant surge for the past

India Plans 10-Year Prison For Anyone Using Cryptocurrency

A new bill is being drafted by the government of

Beware Of ‘Bitcoin Collector’ Free Cryptocurrency Scam

Cryptocurrency once emerged as one of the most alluring investments.

Bitcoin Surging Again: Could Hit The $10,000 Mark In 2 Weeks

Bitcoin is slowly picking up the pace and is recovering

Crypto tumbler seized for large-scale money laundering was among the three largest cryptocurrency mixing services launched

Binance Crypto Exchange Hacked Losing $41 Million Worth Of Bitcoins

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges has recently become

Binance exchange hacked: Bitcoin worth $40.7M stolen

API keys and 2FA codes along with other sensitive data

Binance Hacked — Hackers Stole Over $40 Million Worth Of Bitcoin

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world,

New Electrum DDoS botnet steals $4.6M after infecting 152,000 hosts

The majority of the bots are located in Brazil and

Wall Street market exit scam? Admins steal $30 million worth of crypto

Wall Street market vendors on the dark web are urging

Inside job: Bithumb crypto exchange hacked again; loses $20 million

This is the third time that Bithumb has been hacked to

Bitcoin Coders Send First Bitcoin Lightning Payment Over Radio Waves

In a first of its kind transaction, two Bitcoin coders

Clipper malware on Play Store replaces users BTC & ETH wallet address

This is the first ever Clipper malware found on Play

Crypto exchange loses access to $145M after CEO dies without giving password

The Canada-based cryptocurrency exchange QuardigaCX has suffered a major setback

Bitcoin Mining Costs Now Exceeds Its Worth: JP Morgan

In 2018, we saw cryptocurrencies taking a hit after an

$137milllion Worth of QuadrigaCX’s Customers’ Bitcoin Stuck in The Abyss

Cryptocurrency exchange, QuadrigaCX, has suffered a security incident after it

Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange hacked; suffers “significant losses”

Cryptopia, a New Zealand based cryptocurrency exchange has undercome a

The Pirate Bay malware can empty your Cryptocurrency wallet

The malware was found hidden in the Windows shortcut file

A city in Texas is using paper after suffering ransomware attack

Another day, another devastating ransomware attack; this time, computers at The

Kaspersky tipped off US about the contractor who stole NSA data

According to a report published by Politico, Kaspersky Lab helped

The Advantages of a More Secure and Safer Blockchain

Blockchain technology has many uses and advantages over other types

Dark Overlord hackers publish first batch of “secret” 9/11 files

The Dark Overlord hackers have fulfilled their promise and published the

Bitcoin Worth Over $750,000 Stolen from Electrum Wallets

In a recent attack, Electrum, the well known Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin Turns 10: The Digital Coin That Defined The Cryptocurrency World

Ten years ago, on 3rd January, an anonymous developer named

Hackers steal Bitcoin worth $750,000 by hacking Electrum wallets

This year we have seen an unprecedented rise in malware

Authorities seize 15 popular DDoS-for-hire websites

Authorities have seized and shut down 15 popular DDoS-for-hire websites

Bitcoin Scammers Send Fake Bomb Threats Worldwide Causing Panic

In an attempt to extort money, spammers are sending threatening emails

Intel’s Energy-Efficient Bitcoin Mining Process Uses 15% Less Power

Intel has been granted a patent for developing an energy-efficient

Richard Stallman: Bitcoin Doesn’t Protect Privacy; Better Options Are Yet To Come

If you keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in

L0rdix malware on dark web steals data, mines crypto & enslaves PCs as botnet

There’s a new hacking tool circulating in the underground Dark