Zerodium to pay up to $2.5 million for reporting 0-day Android exploits

Zero-Day Android exploits are now more valuable then iOS exploits.

Google Expands Bug Bounty Program For Play Store Apps With 100M+ Downloads

In the wake of growing incidents of the presence of

Apple Bug Bounty Program Expands To Include MacOS and Other Products

Here comes good news for all researchers who demanded bug

Apple Expands Bug Bounty Program To macOS; Rewards Up To $1 Million

Three years ago, Apple debuted its first bug bounty program

Microsoft Asks Researchers To “Do Their Worst,” Doubles Azure Bounty To $40,000

At the ongoing Black Hat USA 2019 conference, Microsoft announced

Slack data breach: Company resets thousands of passwords

Slack data breach took place in 2015 but the company

Hacker gets $30,000 for reporting hack Instagram account flaw

The flaw allowed anyone with knowledge of brute force attack

Tesla autopilot feature hacked to risk oncoming traffic

Tesla’s High-End Vehicle’s Lane Recognition System not Free from Technical

Bug Bounty Hunting Netted Over $1 Million To A Few Skilled Hackers

There are many bug bounty programmes surfacing, encouraging white hat

Yahoo Mail Vulnerability Nets Researcher $10,000 Bounty

Yahoo Mail has already made it into the news many

GitHub Expands Bug Bounty Program And Removes Max Payout Limit

On the fifth anniversary of GitHub Security Bug Bounty Program, the

Apple Security updates released for Facetime bugs

A recently reported bug in Facetime, caused privacy concerns last

Zerodium is paying $2 million for Apple iOS remote jailbreak

Zerodium, an infosec and premium zero-day acquisition platform known for selling

EU launches Bug Bounty program for 14 free open-source products

The European Union (EU) will be offering bug bounty rewards