Brutex – Open Source Tool for Brute Force Automation

Brutex is a shell based open source tool to make

Kalitorify – Open Source Tool to Run Kali Linux Traffic Through Tor

Kalitorify is a shell based script for Kali Linux. It

BLACKEYE – Open Source LAN Phishing Tool for Penetration Testing

BLACKEYE is a LAN phishing tool that can clone more

Knock – Open Source Subdomain Scanner Tool

Knock is a python based tool for enumerating subdomains on

Empire – Open Source Post-Exploitation Agent Tool

Empire is regarded as one of the most useful frameworks

Blazy – Open Source Modern Login Brute-forcer

I know what you are thinking, bruteforce doesn’t work anymore

Veil-Framework – Open Source Tool to Bypass Common Anti-Virus Solutions

Based on python, the Veil-Framework is one of the most

mitmAP – An Open Source Tool to Create a Fake Access Point and Sniff Data

The Evil Access Point (AP) attack has been around for

Galileo – Open Source Web Application Auditing Framework

Galileo is a free web application auditing framework that can

Xerosploit – Open Source Toolkit For Man In The Middle Attacks

Xerosploit is a python-based toolkit for creating efficient Man In

Red Hawk – Open Source Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning Tool

Red Hawk is an open source tool that is used

Recon-ng – Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Reconnaissance Framework

Recon-ng is a reconnaissance framework that can perform open source

PhishX –Spear Phishing Tool for Capturing Credentials

PhishX is a python tool that can capture user credentials

BadKarma – Network Reconnaissance Tool with Advanced Features

BadKarma is a GUI based network reconnaissance tool that can

Wapiti – The Black Box Vulnerability Scanner for Web Applications

Wapiti is an open source tool that scans web applications

A2SV – SSL Vulnerability Analysis Tool

A2SV is an open source tool used for scanning SSL

Yuki Chan – The Auto Web Penetration Testing Tool

Yuki Chan is an open source tool that automates some

Pythem – Web and Network Security Audit Framework

Pythem is a python framework used for performing various security

Spiderfoot – Open Source Intelligence and Information Gathering Tool

Spiderfoot is an open source tool used for reconnaissance purpose.

WifiPhisher – WiFi Crack and Phishing Framework

Wifiphisher is an open source framework that can be utilised

Dirhunt – Search and Analyze Target Domain Directories

Dirhunt is a python tool that can quickly search directories

Bloodhound – A Tool For Exploring Active Directory Domain Security

Bloodhound is an open source application used for analyzing security

Fluxion – Wifi Security and Audit Framework

Fluxion is a wifi security analysis tool that can simulate

Uniscan – Web Application Penetration Testing Tool

Uniscan is an open source tool capable of scanning web

DNSRecon – An Open Source DNS Enumeration Tool

DNSRecon is a python script used for DNS information gathering.

Habu – Open Source Network Penetration Testing Toolkit

Habu is an open source penetration testing toolkit that can

Morpheus –TCP/UDP Manipulation Framework

Morpheus is an open source framework that can launch multiple

XSStrike – XSS Detection and Exploitation Suite

XSStrike is an open source tool that detects Cross Site

Wifi Pumpkin – Wifi Security Audit Framework

Wifi Pumpkin is a security audit framework used to test

Leviathan – Mass Audit Toolkit for Networks and Applications

Leviathan is an open source toolkit that can be used