Pakistan Feels The Wrath Of Indian Hacktivists: Govt Sites Taken Down

In the aftermath of the dastardly Pulwama terror attack that

Anonymous hacker jailed for 10 years over hospital DDoS attacks

He conducted those DDoS attacks for #OpJustina back in 2014. In

Bad to the Bot Bone

This is the second in a series of blog posts

DDoS attack from Anonymous Catalonia cripples Bank of Spain website

The official website of Banco de España (Bank of Spain),

Anonymous hackers vow to expose Q-Anon

Q-Anon gained popularity from the Far-Right’s favorite website 4chan. The online

Hackers deface Airport screens in Iran with anti-government messages

On Thursday 24th May, the airport screens at Mashhad city in northeast

Animal abuse website hacked; thousands of users exposed

An animal abuse website or otherwise called a “bestiality” platform

Someone hacked this traffic sign with anti-Trump messages

A traffic sign near North Central Expressway in Dallas was

Anonymous Muslim Group Confusing ISIS with Porn and Fake News

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that a group of

ISIS Terrorists Call Their Security “Unhackable” — Hacktivists Expose Mailing List Within Hours

The cybercriminals (and their terrorist friends) are, probably, taught to

Road Sign in Modesto Hacked with Anti-Trump Message

Why hack websites when you can hack electronic sign boards

Someone hacked a road sign in Houston with “Impeach Trump” Message

Hacking electronic billboards or road signs is a growing new

Anonymous Brazil Hacks Football Club for Hiring Goalkeeper Convicted of Murder

The online hacktivist Anonymous along with its counterparts in Brazil

Blue Whale Challenge: Anonymous Urges Teens to Quit Playing Suicide Game

A group of hacktivists connected to the online hacktivist group

Anonymous hacks Thai Gov’t job portal; leaks a trove of data

The online hacktivist group Anonymous has conducted yet another cyber

Anonymous Hacks, Defaces Bilderberg Group Website Against World Crisis

The online hacktivist group Anonymous along with their counterparts from

Meet “Legion Hacking Group” Hacking Bigwigs of India

Legion Hacking Group needs no introduction because this is the

Turkish Hackers Offering Hacking Tools as Prizes for DDosing Political Websites

Hackers are leaving no stone unturned in creating troubles through

Israeli News Channels’ Telecast Hacked; replaced with Muslims’ call to prayer

Two main news channels in Israel were hacked and the

Hackers Deface Kuwaiti Parliament website on Election Day

A group of hackers going by the handle of “Group_Dmar”

Construction Sign Hacked with Message for Chicago Mayor ‘Rahm Lies, Children Die’

Someone hacked a construction sign and defaced it with a

Anonymous Targets Italian Healthcare Sites Against ADHD Treatment

Anonymous defaced four Italian healthcare websites and also dumped data

Anonymous Hacker Might Get 16 Years For Exposing Steubenville Rape Scandal

Believe it or not, one of the Anonymous-associated Hackers May

Ghost Squad Shuts Down Israeli Prime Minister, Bank of Israel websites

The Ghost Squad Hackers shut down Israeli Prime Minister Office

Anonymous Hacks Deutsche Bank Group’ Subsidiary Against Aachen Repression

Anonymous vows to carry on cyber attacks on Deutsche Bank against

Someone Hacked Traffic Sign with Anti-Police Message in Denver

A group of activists or let’s call them anarchists (that’s what

Twitter Account of Afghan Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Hacked

Ghost Squad Hackers have taken over the official Twitter account

Anonymous Hacks Sarah Silverman’ Twitter For “Bernie or Bust” Comment

Anonymous hacked Sarah Silverman’s Twitter account against her comments about

Anonymous Hacks Turkish Energy & Gas Provider Website

Anonymous hackers are conducting cyber attacks on Turkish cyberspace, especially

Massive DDoS Attack Shut Down Several Pro-ISIS Websites

A team of attackers shut down several ISIS aka Daesh