EU accuses Russia of spreading misinformation on social media

Apparently, Russia has carried out several activities attributed to continuous

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On Thursday, June 6th (9:43 am UTC), Europe’s leading mobile

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Google will ‘auto-delete’ your location & web activity data

The auto-delete feature will be available in the coming weeks.

Avengers: End Game leaked online soon after releasing in China

Avengers: End Game has been leaked online because why not? 

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The app is called WiFi Finder – connect to hotspots.

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2 students arrested for disrupting school WiFi to skip exam

Two 14-year old 9th graders have been arrested by the

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Russia Orders VPN Providers To Block ‘State Censored’ Websites

After proposing new legislation that could lead to Russia having

Undersea Optical Cable Achieves Data Transfer Record Rate Of 26.2 Tbps

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Putin Could Launch His Own Russia-controlled Internet

A new bill has been proposed in the Russian legislature that could grant the permission

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Russian to shut down Internet to test its cyber deterrence

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Thousands of Internet connected hot tubs vulnerable to remote attacks

Weak security practices have rendered IoT devices vulnerable to hacking

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DuckDuckGo study claims Google Incognito searches are not private

Google offers customized search results even in Incognito Mode, study.

New AI tool aims to make CAPTCHA a thing of the past

Text-based options for verification purposes on websites and other digital

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