Google Confirms The Ugly-Looking Pixel 4 Design And This Makes Me Weep

Of late, we have seen a lot of Google Pixel

Database with millions of Instagram influencers’ info leaked online

The leaked database was discovered on Shodan on May 14th.

Freedom Mobile leaked millions of card data with CVV codes in plain text

The company claims it does not share user data with

Sensitive data of 80 million US households exposed online

The 24 GB database was hosted on a Microsoft cloud

Ride-hailing app leaks personal data of millions of Iranians

The ride-hailing app database was hosted on an insecure MongoDB

WiFi finder app exposes millions of WiFi network passwords

The app is called WiFi Finder – connect to hotspots.

Facebook: Storing Instagram passwords in plain text & harvesting your emails

Facebook stored millions of Instagram passwords in a readable format

Top VPNs found improperly securing cookies & tokens

VPN software programs of Palo Alto, Cisco, Pulse, and F5

Hackers post private data of thousands of Federal agents online

The breach came after FBI-linked websites were hacked. Three websites

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London

The United States is now requesting the United Kingdom to extradite

Best password managers for 2019

If you use the Internet, password managers should be a

Private data of 540 million Facebook users exposed in plain text

Unprotected Amazon Web Services has a new victim and it’s

Family locator app leaked real-time location data of 238,000 individuals

We normally consider family locator app as a blessing because

FEMA leaks sensitive details of 2.3 million disaster survivors

The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General

Facebook stored 600m user passwords in plain text exposed to 20k employees

The company says it discovered the issue in January and

“BreedReady” database of 1.8m Chinese women surfaced online

Another day, another data breach; this time, Victor Gevers, a breach: Database with 2 billion records leaked breach is one of the largest data breaches but

Saudi caller ID app Dalil leaked data of over 5 Million users

Thanks to yet another unsecure MongoDB Server. Dalil is a

Dow Jones’ screening watchlist data exposed online

A database hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and owned

Check your VPN DNS test tool legitimacy: Is it “good” or deceptive

Does your VPN leaks DNS data? Does the DNS testing

Understanding VPN through open systems interconnection model

VPN is a wonderful thing that you all have probably

Xiaomi Mi 9 Specs Teased: Snapdragon 855, 48MP Camera And More

Xiaomi is soon bringing its high-end Mi 9 to life

World’s largest data dump surfaces on web with 2.2 billion accounts

It hasn’t even been 15 days since details of the

773 million records with emails & plain text passwords leaked online

It’s a whopping 87GB data – Find out if you are

Unprotected MongoDB leaks resumes of 202M Chinese job seekers

China is often suspected to sponsor hack attacks against organizations

Dark Overlord hackers publish first batch of “secret” 9/11 files

The Dark Overlord hackers have fulfilled their promise and published the

Abine Blur Password Manager exposed data of 2.4M users

The password manager exposed the data due to a misconfigured

Hackers steal personal details of 1,000 North Korean Defectors

The data breach against North Korean Defectors came after hackers

Nokia exposes passwords & secret access keys to its internal systems

Another day, another data breach – This time, multinational tech

Here is a list of top 25 worst passwords of 2018

SplashData, Inc. a leading password management application developer including SplashID has