Facebook Listened To Your Voice Messages Without Permission

Mark Zuckerberg-owned Facebook is the newest addition to the list

Hackers Can Easily Pentest Facebook Apps With New ‘Whitehat Settings’

To help the whitehat hackers easily test the security of

Rietspoof malware distributes ransomware via messaging apps

A malware strain dubbed as Rietspoof has been under the

Now You Can Unsend Messages On Facebook Messenger

After it was revealed that Facebook CEO could unsend his

Telegram leaked IP addresses of its desktop app users

The vulnerability affected Telegram’s desktop app for Windows, Mac, and

Facebook Messenger Now Wants To Sync Your Instagram Contacts As Well

To increase the usage of Messenger and to link all

Facebook Rolls Out Messenger Auto-Translation For Everyone In US And Mexico

Facebook has officially launched its automatic chat translation feature which

Facebook Wants Your Nudes For Their New Anti-Revenge Porn Tool [Updated]

Update: May 24, 2018 Facebook’s controversial program to fight revenge

FacexWorm malware steals cryptocurrency & Facebook credentials

Security firm Trend Micro’s researchers have identified a malicious Chrome

4 New Changes/Features Coming To Facebook Messenger

At the day 1 of the F8 developer conference, Facebook

Facebook Admits: It Scans All Messages And Photos You Send On Messenger

Earlier this week, in an interview with Vox, Mark Zuckerberg

New Android Malware Stealing Data from Popular Messenger Apps

Almost all Instant Messaging Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Line,

Facebook Caught Sucking Your Call Logs And SMS History For Years

If the Cambridge Analytica story wasn’t enough, Facebook is again

This Facebook Messenger Malware Is Spreading On Windows, Linux, MacOS

Short Bytes: The researchers at Kaspersky Labs have uncovered a

Caprine: An Open Source Desktop Facebook Messenger App With Privacy Features

Short Bytes: Caprine is a cross-operating system Facebook Messenger desktop app with

Facebook’s HTML5-based Instant Games Are Now Globally Available

Short Bytes: Strengthening Messenger’s position as a platform, Facebook has launched

Facebook Launches Dislike Button In Messenger — Here’s Everything You Need To Know (Updated)

Short Bytes: (Update: This feature is now available to all

WeChat “Mini Programs” Are The End Of Installing/Uninstalling Apps On Your Smartphone

Short Bytes: WeChat Messenger is now way more than a

Beware! Hackers Are Spreading Locky Ransomware Using Facebook Messenger

Short Bytes: The notorious hackers are using Facebook messenger to

Facebook Launches “Messenger Lite” For Slow Internet, Less Than 10MB In Size

Image: FacebookShort Bytes: In an attempt to spread its Messenger

All-in-one Messenger – FacebookMessenger, WhatsApp, Skype and many more in one window

All-in-one Messenger, a simple Google Chrome add-ons which combines chat

Soon Facebook Won’t Let You Use Chat On Its Mobile Website

Short Bytes: If you try to access Facebook chat on

How To Use Facebook’s Messenger Bots Right Now?

Short Bytes: Betting heavy on Messenger, Facebook has rolled out

Now Use Facebook Messenger, Without a Facebook Account

Remember the time when Facebook forced you to download its

Facebook is Bringing Games to its Messenger App

It seems as if gaming will be just another thing

Facebook Brings Free Video Calling in Messenger App

Facebook has been pushing its Messenger to develop it as

Facebook Launches Messenger.com: Dedicated Messenger for Web Browsers

Facebook continues to make the Messenger stronger and here comes