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Aiming to control the bullying practices people often entrap themselves

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We have seen how many of the Android apps have

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Larry Sanger, the co-founder of Wikipedia, has called for a

Border Patrol data breach: Footages of tourists entering/exiting the US compromised

The data breach took place after a database used by

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Turkish hackers left a message protesting against Iceland on a

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The popularity of online trading is growing and there is

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It is a fact that most of us spend more

Facebook: “There Is No Invasion Of Privacy At All, Because There Is No Privacy”

Facebook is doing whatever it takes to curb any repercussions

ProtonMail denies that it offers real-time surveillance assistance

A Swiss lawyer has accused ProtonMail that the company has

Apple Is No Different: Your iPhone Sends Data To Advertisers When You’re Asleep

Apple claims: ‘What happens on your iPhone, stays on your

The Apple Vs Google Silent Fight Has Started

Needless to say, privacy is one of those areas where

Apple Faces Lawsuit For Selling iTunes Data To Third Parties

Now, when almost every company is facing the privacy heat,

Download official version of Tor browser on Android devices

Tor Browser for Android has been officially launched with tons

Google says it stored some G Suite passwords in plain text for 14 years

This issue is linked with G Suite users only while

Stable Version Of Tor Browser For Android Now Available On Play Store

After eight months of testing, a stable release for the

Database with millions of Instagram influencers’ info leaked online

The leaked database was discovered on Shodan on May 14th.

Gmail wittingly storing your online purchase data for years

Google knows “what, when, where & how much” about your

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Google Atones For Overlooking Privacy For Years. It Still Needs To Do More.

At this year’s I/O event, Google embraced privacy with open

Freedom Mobile leaked millions of card data with CVV codes in plain text

The company claims it does not share user data with

Facebook Employees Are Peeking At Your Private Posts Without Your Consent

A recent report by Reuters suggests that Facebook has hired

Google will ‘auto-delete’ your location & web activity data

The auto-delete feature will be available in the coming weeks.

Finally! Google Will Let You ‘Auto-Delete’ The Data It Collects On You

It’s an open secret that Google tracks users’ activity on

Sensitive data of 80 million US households exposed online

The 24 GB database was hosted on a Microsoft cloud

Ride-hailing app leaks personal data of millions of Iranians

The ride-hailing app database was hosted on an insecure MongoDB

Avengers: End Game leaked online soon after releasing in China

Avengers: End Game has been leaked online because why not? 

NSA: Mass Phone Surveillance Programme Isn’t Worth The Effort Now

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the

WiFi finder app exposes millions of WiFi network passwords

The app is called WiFi Finder – connect to hotspots.