New attack spreads LokiBot & NanoCore malware in ISO image files

Both NanoCore and LokiBot are Info-stealing Trojans. Security researchers at

Israeli fintech firms hit by Cardinal RAT malware

The IT security researchers at Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 have

Author of Luminosity RAT Gets 2.5 Years in Federal Prison

Colton Ray Grubbs, 21 from Stanford, Kentucky has been sent to

Parasite HTTP RAT loaded with advanced detection evasion capability

Proofpoint researchers have discovered a new remote access Trojan (RAT)

Luminosity RAT author pleads guilty to creating & selling hacking tool

In February this year, we informed our readers about the

Chinese hackers attack National Data Center using watering hole attack

The IT security researchers at Kaspersky Lab have published a

Malicious Chrome & Edge extension drops backdoor and spy on users

Trend Micro researchers have identified malicious Google Chrome and Microsoft

GravityRAT malware evades detection and targets users in India

The updated version of GravityRAT malware evades detection by checking

Android malware on Play Store targeting Palestinians on Facebook

We have reported time and again about the widespread malware

New FlawedAmmyy RAT steals data and intercepts audio chat

The FlawedAmmyy RAT has been developed using the leaked source

Developer of NanoCore RAT that targeted Canada, US & Steam jailed

The developer of NanoCore RAT (remote access Trojan) has been sentenced

“Wire bank transfer” malware phishing scam hits SWIFT banking system

Hackers are becoming persistent in phishing scams against banking and

Bitcoin investors targeted by Orcus RAT in new phishing campaign

Bitcoin has turned out to be one of the most

Data Stealer Malware Hits Critical Cyber Infrastructure in US and S.Korea

IT security researchers at FireEye have discovered a malware that aims

New NSA Data Dump: ShadowBrokers Release UNITEDRAKE Malware

The ShadowBrokers is a group of hackers known for leaking

“Wanna see the Game of Thrones in advance” email delivers malware

Beware of Email promising Game of Thrones Spoilers because it

Facebook password stealer; hacking the attacker rather than victim 

How to hack a Facebook account is one the most