Russian Firm Created Fake Pornhub App To Spy On Android Users: Report

Canadian security firm Lookout has discovered yet another Russian-made surveillance

Hackers Stole 7.5TB Of Secret Data From Russia’s Intelligence Agency

It appears that the hackers got hacked this time! According

Hackers steal 7.5TB of data from Russian Intel Agency FSB’s contractor

The hackers stole the data and shared it with another

EvilGnomes Linux malware record activities & spy on users

The EvilGnomes Linux malware has been linked to infamous Russian

EU accuses Russia of spreading misinformation on social media

Apparently, Russia has carried out several activities attributed to continuous

Goodbye Windows: Russian Military’s Astra Linux Adoption Moves Forward

Just earlier this week, we reported regarding the Chinese Military’s

Trend Micro is one of the anti-virus firms hacked by Fxsmsp

Other two companies allegedly involved in the data breach are

Hackers steal source code of top anti-virus firms to sell online

Fxsmsp Threat Group, “a credible hacking collective” is offering to

Hackers using hacked WordPress & Joomla sites to drop malware

Apparently, the malware attack is carried out by Russian speaking

Russia Orders VPN Providers To Block ‘State Censored’ Websites

After proposing new legislation that could lead to Russia having

Counter-Strike 1.6 game client 0-day exploited to spread Belonard trojan

Dr. Web’s cybersecurity researchers have identified an attacker is trying

Russia Blocks ProtonMail Citing Security Reasons

Updated on March 13, 2019: In response to the situation

The Pirate Bay spreading malware PirateMatryoshka via reputed seeders

Cybercriminals often use torrent services to distribute malicious code since

Putin Could Launch His Own Russia-controlled Internet

A new bill has been proposed in the Russian legislature that could grant the permission

Russian to shut down Internet to test its cyber deterrence

To test the security of its data, Russia is considering

IT consultancy firm caught running ransomware decryption scam

Ransomware has become a persistent threat to users globally but for

Moscow’s cable car service shuts down in 2 days after ransomware attack

The first cable-car service was launched in Moscow this Tuesday,

Russian exploit developer publicly disclosed VirtualBox zero-day vulnerability

An independent IT security researcher and exploit developer from Russia

Russia launched Triton malware to sabotage Saudi petrochemical plant

A few days ago it was reported that a new