EU accuses Russia of spreading misinformation on social media

Apparently, Russia has carried out several activities attributed to continuous

Beware Of ‘Bitcoin Collector’ Free Cryptocurrency Scam

Cryptocurrency once emerged as one of the most alluring investments.

Crypto tumbler seized for large-scale money laundering was among the three largest cryptocurrency mixing services launched

Sim swapping hackers charged with stealing $2.5m worth of crypto

These hackers are part of the group called “The Community.”

Hackers steal Amazon sellers’ funds in “extensive” attack

Amazon says it was a “serious” attack targeting 100s of

Stay Safe: 5 Tips to Keep Fraudsters at Bay

Both in business and personally, fraud is, unfortunately, an everyday

DeepDotWeb, Wall St and Valhalla markets seized by authorities

Arrests have been made in Israel, Europe, Brazil, and the

New Google Chrome mobile phishing scam can steal private data

Google Chrome’s mobile browser has been targeted with a relatively

GoDaddy Shut Down 15K Scam Subdomains From Hacked Websites

Online scams no more remain confined to fake websites. Rather

DNSpionage group’s Karkoff malware selectively pick victims

Karkoff creates a timeline of the command execution which can suffers data breach; issues password reset for all users will contact all former and current users – The

Wall Street market exit scam? Admins steal $30 million worth of crypto

Wall Street market vendors on the dark web are urging

Crooks are selling “Digital Doppelgangers” to bypass anti-fraud protection

Financial Crimes to Reach an Unprecedented High by 2023 if

Nasty Android & iOS malware found using govt surveillance tech

The latest findings of security researchers at security firm Lookout

How to identify & protect yourself from online dating scams

The Internet is an addictive world due to its unlimited

Hard Times for Cryptojacking

What is Cryptojacking? It is an attack in which hackers

Your next Game of Thrones download can be a malware – Here’s why

Game of Thrones the most Exploited Series by Hackers and

Counter-Strike 1.6 game client 0-day exploited to spread Belonard trojan

Dr. Web’s cybersecurity researchers have identified an attacker is trying

SimBad malware on Play Store infected millions of Android devices

Most of the applications infected by SimBad malware are simulator

Android banking malware distributed with fake Google reCAPTCHA

Sucuri’s cybersecurity researchers have identified a highly sophisticated phishing campaign

Major Android ad fraud scam campaign drains battery & eats data

Presence of infected games and apps that are costing innocent

Rietspoof malware distributes ransomware via messaging apps

A malware strain dubbed as Rietspoof has been under the

Hacked versions of popular iOS games available on App Store

Software pirates are distributing hacked and infected versions of iPhone

An info stealer .exe malware is targeting Mac users around the globe

Cybercriminals have identified a unique method of attacking Mac devices,

These iOS apps have been secretly recording your screen activities

Apple has vowed to remove iOS apps that record screen

Selfie stealing malware found in popular Android beauty camera apps

We all want to look perfect in the pictures that

Authorities shut down xDedic marketplace for selling hacked servers

The domain for xDedic has been seized as well. In

Beware; hackers are using malicious TeamViewer tool to spread malware

TeamViewer is a popular remote control desktop sharing software with

New ransomware steals PayPal data with phishing link in ransom note

Ransomware is a reality and threat actors are using it

The Pirate Bay malware can empty your Cryptocurrency wallet

The malware was found hidden in the Windows shortcut file