‘Eva Richter’ Scam Encrypts Your Files By Posing As A Fake Resume

Opening a job email titled “Bewerbung via Arbeitsagentur – Eva

The Joker is haunting Google Play Store with malware

Another day, another Android malware – This time; The Joker

Simjacker vulnerability lets attackers track your location with an SMS

The Simjacker vulnerability could extend to over 1 billion mobile

100s of Flashlight apps on Play Store ask for dangerous permissions

As with every app downloaded on our smartphones, we grant

99% Email Attacks Require Human Interaction: Security Researchers

Email-based cyber attacks have become common these days. I am

Wikipedia suffers DDoS attack causing worldwide service disruption

The DDoS attack on Wikipedia is first of its kind.

Hackers can break into Android devices by sending a text

Not long ago, we saw the emergence of sim swapping

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This Technique Claims To Make Passwords 14 Million% Tougher To Crack

Tide, an Australia-based non-profit organization has come up with a

Zerodium to pay up to $2.5 million for reporting 0-day Android exploits

Zero-Day Android exploits are now more valuable then iOS exploits.

Unsecured database leaks phone numbers of 419 million Facebook users

Another day, another privacy disaster hits Facebook users. To add

Facebook allows users to opt out of facial recognition in photos

Facebook will stop using automatic facial recognition to tag users

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The popularity of vaping has been increasing over the past

Website used by Hong Kong protesters suffers DDoS attack

The prime suspect of the DDoS attack is China. An

Meet Retadup botnet that was infected by another malware

Avast and French authorities have now dismantled the nasty Retadup

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account hacked with racial slurs

Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account was hacked AGAIN! A group of

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iPhone Is Vulnerable! How Websites Have Been Hacking iPhones For Years?

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