Cyber ​​attacks cost $45 billion in 2018 with Ransomware at top

An estimated 2 million cyberattacks took place in 2018 costing

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Offensive Security has officially released a version of Kali Linux

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Story of an Advanced Persistent Threat attack against a large

Cellular networks worldwide hit by hackers in espionage attempt

Cybereason, an Israeli-US security firm based in Boston, has reported

NASA Lab Hacked Using A $25 Raspberry Pi Computer

Raspberry Pi is a teeny-tiny device that can be tinkered

Cellebrite claims its new tool unlocks almost any iOS or Android device

Cellebrite is the same company which helped the FBI to

Vulnerable infusion pumps can be remotely accessed to change dosages

Critical Bug in Medical Infusion Pumps lets Attacker Remotely install

Telegram messaging service hit by massive DDoS attack

It is unclear why Telegram was targeted or who was

RAMBleed attack steals sensitive data from computer memory

“RAMBleed Reading Bits in Memory Without Accessing Them.” A team

Unheard recordings of Radiohead from Ok Computer hacked; refuses to pay ransom

Popular British rock band Radiohead is in the news for

Google confirms presence of Triada backdoor in cheap Android phones

Triada Banking Trojan came Preinstalled as Backdoor in Budget Android

Border Patrol data breach: Footages of tourists entering/exiting the US compromised

The data breach took place after a database used by

Amitabh Bachchan’s Twitter hacked with photo of Pakistani PM Imran Khan

Turkish hackers left a message protesting against Iceland on a

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The Growing Importance of Cyber Security Skills

Cyber attacks are on the rise and it isn’t just

Quest Diagnostics data breach affects 12 million customers

Clinical laboratory firm Quest Diagnostics Inc. has admitted exposure of

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Google May Limit Ad blockers for Regular Users Amidst Criticism

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It is a fact that most of us spend more

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ProtonMail denies that it offers real-time surveillance assistance

A Swiss lawyer has accused ProtonMail that the company has

News aggregator app Flipboard hacked; user data stolen

Hackers managed to breach Flipboard’s security for sensitive database multiple

Teen hacked Apple twice hoping for a job

He hacked his way into the tech giant’s mainframe by

Online graphic-design tool Canva hacked; 139 million accounts stolen

Canva has contacted the FBI to investigate the data breach.

What to do if your email is found on the Dark Web

If your email is on the dark web it is

YouTuber hacks fingerprint scanner of OnePlus 7 Pro using hot glue

The Youtuber also claimed that the OnePlus 7 Pro’s fingerprint

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Crypto tumbler seized for large-scale money laundering was among the three largest cryptocurrency mixing services launched

World’s most dangerous laptop ‘Persistence of Chaos’ is up for auction

The ‘Persistence of Chaos’ laptop is infected with some of

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Tor Browser for Android has been officially launched with tons

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