Mozilla Patches Another Actively Exploited Zero-Day With Firefox 67.0.4

Mozilla has patched an actively exploited zero-day flaw in Firefox

Oracle Fixed A WebLogic Zero-Day Vulnerability Under Active Exploit In The Wild

Oracle has recently addressed a critical vulnerability affecting its WebLogic

Mozilla Releases Firefox 67.0.3 As It Fixes An Actively Exploited Zero-Day

Just a week ago, Mozilla rolled-out an updated version of

Microsoft June Patch Tuesday Addressed 88 Vulnerabilities Including Zero-Days

This week, Microsoft June Patch Tuesday updates rolled out with

Windows 10 Zero-Day Exploit Affecting Task Scheduler Disclosed Online

Another zero-day bug in Windows 10 surfaced online after the

Microsoft May Patch Tuesday Fixes Numerous Critical Bugs As Well As A Zero-Day

This week marked the release of Microsoft May Patch Tuesday

Microsoft April Patch Tuesday Also Addresses Two Zero-Day Bugs With Numerous Others

Microsoft April Patch Tuesday updates are out with numerous bug

Microsoft March Patch Tuesday Addressed Multiple Flaws And Two Zero-Day Bugs

The scheduled Microsoft March Patch Tuesday update bundle has rolled-out.

Microsoft February Patch Tuesday Addressed A Zero Day And Numerous Critical Bugs

In January, Microsoft’s scheduled updates fixed numerous security flaws that

Total Donations WordPress Plugin Leaves Sites Open to Zero-Day Attack

WordPress has been subject to a few security alerts via

Another Windows 10 Zero-Day Bug Could Allow Overwriting Files With Random Data

The individual who identified several zero-day flaws in Windows 10

Zero-Day Flash Player Vulnerability Fixed After Being Exploited In the Wild

Adobe has once again patched a serious flaw in the

Another Zero-Day Vulnerability Hits NUUO Surveillance Cameras

A couple of months ago, a zero-day vulnerability, named Peekaboo,

Annoyed Researcher Disclosed Zero-Day Vulnerability In VirtualBox Without Informing Oracle

A researcher has allegedly discovered a zero-day vulnerability in VirtualBox.

Cisco Products Affected By A Zero-Day SIP Inspection Vulnerability Exploited In The Wild

Cisco has revealed about a serious vulnerability that the hackers

BLEEDINGBIT – Two Zero Day Vulnerabilities Affecting Wireless Access Point Bluetooth Chips

Wireless Access Points (WAPs) form the core of enterprise cyber

Zero-Day Windows Jet Database Vulnerability Could Allow Remote Attacks

Researchers have discovered a zero-day vulnerability in the Microsoft Jet

Peekaboo Zero-Day Vulnerability Allows Hacking of Surveillance Cameras

iOT based security cameras from various vendors invites opportunities for flaws.

TOR Browser Zero Day Vulnerability Discovered

When we talk about the ways to browse safely online,

Patch for Windows Zero-Day Vulnerability Released by Opatch

A Security Researcher named @SandboxEscaper disclosed a Zero-day in Windows

A Zero-Day Flaw in IE is being exploited by RIG Exploit Kit

The new version of the RIG exploit kit which is