Stagefright – Worst Android Vulnerability

A bug dubbed Stagefright in Android mobile operating system which is the worst Android vulnerabilities to the date says Researcher from Zimperium Mobile Security. Last week, Google issued an official patch for Stagefright vulnerability that affects 95 % of Android devices running version 2.2 to version 5.1 of the operating system,an estimated 950 Million Android devices in use worldwide.

After Stagefright had been invoked, which required no action from the victim, other data and apps on the handset could be accessed by the malicious code.

The patch doesn’t fix the vulnerability, allowing booby-trapped MP4 videos that supplied variables with 64-bit lengths to overflow the buffer and crash the smartphone when trying to open that multimedia message.

According to a report published in BBC, the Google said in statement that the vulnerability was identified in a laboratory setting on older Android devices, and as far as they know, no-one has been affected.

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